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The Comfortable Living collection will enhance fashionable materials such as exotic wood floorings, luxurious marbles and stone effects, along with satiny and brushed metals found in today's home. The extensive selection of Neutral colors will help define these natural materials. The very popular Warm hues of God and Terracotta will add punctuation and warmth in your home. In addition, selecting any of the Cool Blues or Greens will add balance for a calming feel in any room. Interior Collection... it's Comfortable Living.
1. All windows, floor cover
2. Electic covers, lights installation
3. Dry wall repair
4. Patchs all nailholes, cracks 5. Corner all cracks and join area caulking 6. Drop cloth cover protceting floor when painting 7. After finish painting all clean debris
KCL painting & construction : we paint and design your home in Foster city , Redwood city , Hillsborough , burlingame , Fremont , Union city , Newark , Dublin , san ramon ,Berkeley , Blackhawk , Albany , Milpitas CA USA
1. High power wash for all dirt, dust, spiderweb, moles, oil, clean
2. All window, lamp, doors plastic cover & taping protcetion
3. Old paint peeling, scraping
4. Electic power sending for smooth all damage area 5. Prime coat protecting damage area 6. Caulking all cracks
7. Brush painting all corners detail area 8. Spray and roller painting all wide space 9. Spray and roller painting all wide space.
10. Cleaning    
Commercial Painting Contractors
KCL Painting & Construction understands the importance of making your property
look its best with the least disruption to your customers or tenants. We have a Five Star Service Program.
Are you looking for a painting company that understands the importance of making your property look its best
with the least disruption to your customers or tenants? Look no further than KCL Commercial Painting Service.
We have built our commercial reputation over 15 years painting properties just like yours.
1. Quality Control
2. Supervision and Inspection
3. Competitive Pricing
4. The Color of Certainty
5. Communication is Our Priority
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